Top class yoga & wellbeing retreat in a beautiful location. I fully recommend these two lovely ladies who educated us, calmed us, tired us out and fed us the most tasty and pretty food I’ve eaten in years. A pleasure to have had the opportunity to attend.
I had the most amazing weekend & through yourselves I have found the benefits & delights of yoga
— Shane, April RETREAT GUEST
I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone...I have never felt so relaxed yet energised.
The best thing about the retreat was the hosts Jenny and Evelyn and the dedication and effort put it to make it such a wonderful experience
I had an absolutely wonderful time and would recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury retreat, amazing food and opportunities to get fit, do yoga and have so much fun too.
— Annabel
THE FOOD WAS THE BEST – it was so tasty! Loved the brunches by Jen and Ev and the dinners by the Piano Café and Tansy’s Pantry. As a vegan, it was some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had. Thank you so much.
— Anonymous

Thank you for a marvellous weekend. I had a thoroughly good time and came home inspired with good intentions and tired muscles!
— Peri

I really enjoyed a combination of both the yoga and fitness sessions. The quality of teaching was superb from both Jenny and Evelyn. Thank you.
— Anonymous
The best thing about the retreat was the vibe - Jen and Evelyn sharing their skill and passion for exercise, healthy food and wellbeing.
— Anonymous