Our Mission

Our Mission is to support and inspire people to create a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Focused on movement, nutrition and mindfulness, we aim to empower and install confidence in people to encourage them to find their balance and get their glo.

Our key concept stemmed from the idea of strength training and yoga really working in unison alongside each other. One complimenting the other. Founders Jenny and Eve met when Eve started attending Jenny’s yoga classes on the beautiful Isle of Wight and it was here their love for strength training, yoga and delicious brunches lead to a blossoming friendship. After many a yoga, training and brunch session the idea of Balance + Glo was born.

Our Retreats

Are you ready to revitalize your body and energise your soul?

Balance + Glo Wellness retreats aim to help you find your balance and get your glo alongside the best yoga and fitness instructors. Our wellness retreats are planned to really enhance your overall wellbeing - each one including elements of different areas of fitness, nourishing food and luxury accommodation in amazing locations. We want to provide you with the opportunity to explore, reconnect with nature and leave feeling empowered, confident and happy.

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Meet the Founders

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Jenny has been practising yoga for over 10 years and is a qualified +200 hr Yoga Alliance teacher with experience in hatha, vinyasa and hot yoga. Jenny believes that yoga adds a little bit of magic to your life and as part of a balanced lifestyle yoga can contribute to you living well and being happy. She has a fun style of teaching that aims to strengthen and stretch your entire body leaving you feeling amazing both physically and mentally. Always adding in a sprinkling of Jenny magic (or as her clients would say 'challenges!') to her classes, her main aim is that you leave her class feeling energised, inspired, calmer and with a smile!

Her own wellness adventure has also led her taking an interest in all things wellbeing related, to create a life which is as healthy and happy as possible. This has included going dairy free, working on her own motivation, research into nutrition and wellbeing and taking care of her mental health plus adding further sport to her exercise regime to find a better balance. Whether it be training on the beach with Evelyn, surfing or running - being active and outdoors is a huge part of her life and wants to share this passion with everyone she meets.


Evelyn is CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, 1-2-1, and group fitness coach. She loves to lift weights and challenge her body in new ways. She is known for her love of fancy legging (the brighter the better), and porridge (it’s all about the toppings!). If you can’t find Evelyn at the gym, she is often in the kitchen creating new recipes, mainly in the snack department, making her popular with friends and her fitness class attendees who ‘have’ to test her new inventions!

Evelyn found her ‘balance’ through the addition of yoga to her weekly schedule. Through Yoga, Evelyn has learnt the importance of movement with breath and has been able to translate this into Olympic lifting and conditioning, she has noticed increased core and shoulder strength, and is mentally benefiting from taking the time to completely switch-off

Evelyn is passionate that everyone can find a form of fitness they love, and that you don’t have to stick to one discipline (variety is the spice of life after all!).