Island Brunch Spot ... Caffe Isola

You may have noticed that here at Balance + Glo we are a little obsessed with starting each day with an awesome breakfast or brunch, finding new places to explore, walk, run, yoga and generally get active and have the best time doing it. With so many beautiful and exciting places to explore all over the world we’ve decided to start ‘Our Guide To…’ - which will become a guide to our favourite places to dine, go, see and explore in different places across the world. Obviously we want to begin the journey where Balance + Glo started - right here on the Isle of Wight. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing with you all our favourite brunch spots, best spots to walk, run, yoga and explore here on the gorgeous Island. Today we’re sharing a delicious new brunch spot … Caffe Isola.


Caffe Isola is a gorgeons artisan cafe in central Newport on the Isle of Wight. Standing out from the crowd, the bright yellow painted building looks more like it would be better suited to a trendy London suburb than the streets of this small town. Inside is a huge space that has been renovated with a big mezzanine floor that wraps round the building. Lots of seating options available and we loved that they were selling lots of the great island designer items too from our favourite island brands.


Central. If you’re heading to Newport to do any shopping then this is the place to go for a delicious coffee and selection of fab cakes. Newport town centre isn’t somewhere we would necessarily suggest visiting on the island but this cafe is one of the first that we’ve seen which gives us a little beacon of hope that the face of Newport is changing. A jewel in the biggest town on the Island.


We tried the delicious breakfast menu - and of course couldn't help sampling the avocado and toast selection. Avocado on homemade chunky wholemeal toast with pink peppercorns was fantastic. They have loads of choice for breakfast, lunch and cakes - catering for all requirements including vegan and gluten free. As breakfast lovers, the porridge special also sounded amazing - baked pear, pomegranates, raspberries, maple syrup and seeds. So make sure you check out the daily specials board.


Coffee is a must here. Using Island Roasted Beans, they offer all the alternatives for milk including oat, soya and almond. The Oat Latte is great, not too sweet and the perfect compliment to a slice of the vegan cake.

Fantastic for: Meeting friends in a central location for a chinwag or a break from shopping and a GREAT coffee.. Open all through the winter too!

Find them here:

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